From Katie Kakes with Love

17:02 05 November in GreenMarket by Julie Mullen

You know what they say, “eat dessert first!” And Katie, the owner of Katie Kakes, keeps that mantra in mind with her gluten-free and other delectable sweet treats. We took a few minutes to get the inside scoop on Katie and her love of Delray’s...


Labor Day Bites

21:16 20 August in GreenMarket by Julie Mullen

Entertain your guests’ taste buds this Labor Day with some of our favorites from our Tastes of the Season Cookbook! Grace’s Party Pineapple Martini 5 organic pineapples cored and slice ½-inch thick wheels 3- 1.75 bottles of vodka 1 infusion jar Cut the pineapple wheels into hexagons. Stack in the...

It’s Florida Tomato Time!

13:26 15 May in GreenMarket by cra

By Paula Detwiller  Did you know that fresh, ripe, juicy tomatoes are harvested from every growing district in Florida at this time of year, and shipped across the U.S.? That’s why April is National Florida Tomato Month, in recognition of our state’s large, high-quality crop. More than...


Planning Ahead for Memorial Day

13:49 14 May in GreenMarket by cra

Memorial Day: A time to remember those who have given their lives for our freedom, a time to enjoy the company of friends and family, and share in conversations over delicious food. Here are a few of our favorite recipes from our very own Delray...