City of Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Plan


The City of Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Plan provides the framework for projects and activities intended to revitalize and improve conditions within the Community Redevelopment Area. The objectives of the plan are to provide a workable program for the redevelopment of the CRA area that is consistent with the citizens’ visions as expressed through the various neighborhood and area planning initiatives.


Within the Community Redevelopment Area, there are considerable variations in the degree of deterioration, land use patterns and existing socioeconomic conditions. In order to develop an effective plan which is cognizant of these variations, the CRA has been divided into eight distinct geographic sub-areas, each involving a different redevelopment strategy. The plan outlines the redevelopment strategies and provides a description of the various projects and programs that are being implemented in the subareas and throughout the district.


The first CRA Plan was adopted by the City Commission in 1986. The plan has been amended several times since, with the current version approved on September 16, 2014. An electronic copy of the current plan may be downloaded from the link provided below. A hard copy may also be purchased at the CRA offices at 20 North Swinton Avenue.


Click here to view the Community Redevelopment Plan


Downtown Delray Beach Master Plan


Conceived by the citizens and the City of Delray Beach, the Downtown Delray Beach Master Plan is a collaborative effort and unified vision for the future growth of the downtown area. The Downtown Master Plan was adopted by the City Commission and has won numerous awards for serving as a national model on how to promote cultural and economic opportunity through diversity.


The Downtown Master Plan provides a framework for:


  • sparking development and investment in private land and public infrastructure
  • preserving the City’s heritage and village-like character
  • enhancing its livability, inclusiveness, and sense of unity
  • maintaining its architectural and urban design quality

Many of the projects and programs identified in the plan have been implemented in the years since its adoption, including: West Atlantic Avenue Street Beautification, Gateway Feature, US 1 Corridor Improvements, Neighborhood Plaza at West Atlantic and SW 5th Avenue, Change of direction – downtown 1-way pairs, infill housing, bus shelters, and urban design guidelines.


Use the links below to review each section of the Master Plan:

Downtown Master Plan: Part I
Downtown Master Plan: Part II
Downtown Master Plan: Part III
Downtown Master Plan: Part IV
Downtown Master Plan: Part V


Other Area Plans and Drafts

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