Eliminating slum and blight within our community.


On view at the Arts Warehouse: Conceptually Green

On View at The Arts Warehouse: Conceptually Green

The Arts Warehouse, a cornerstone of creativity funded by the Delray Beach CRA, unveils its latest exhibition, “Conceptually Green.” Curated by the imaginative minds of RAD Curatorial, this exhibition emerged…

Gratitude Garden Farm

GreenMarket Spotlight: Gratitude Garden Farm

From Farm to Market: The Wholesome Journey of Gratitude Garden Farm There are lots of local goodies to be found at Delray’s GreenMarket: whether you’re going for your weekly farm…

Delray Beach CRA Socials

Upcoming CRA Socials

CRA Socials: Bridging the Community and the CRA in Delray Beach In an effort to connect with the community we love serving, the CRA team is continuing our socials in…

Next Board Meeting is Tuesday, February 27, 2024 at 4:00pm
Meetings are held in person at City Hall – 100 NW 1st Avenue, Delray Beach

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