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Eliminating slum and blight within our community.


Delray Beach CRA Funding Assistance

2022 Funding Assistance Programs

The Delray Beach CRA offers numerous funding assistance programs for the Delray Beach community and the goal for these many funding programs is to support redevelopment projects and improvements throughout…

CRAFTED on the Ave in Delray Beach

CRAFTED on the Ave

Libby Wesley Plaza Hosts Crafted on the Ave There’s a new event being added to the Delray Beach lineup and everyone’s invited! Crafted on the Ave. is coming to Libby…

Osceola Park Project in Delray Beach

Osceola Park Project

The Osceola Park Neighborhood has been part of the Downtown Delray Beach framework for decades, and the CRA is excited to be a part of the much-needed upgrades and improvements!…