Funding Assistance

The Delray Beach CRA offers several funding assistance programs to support redevelopment projects, commercial property improvements, businesses and the work of nonprofit community organizations throughout the CRA District.

Intended to support and encourage new business activity, job creation and commercial investment, our programs don’t always fit every business or project. Use the information here on our website to help determine if our property improvement programs can help you renovate your building or space, or if our business funding resources can help you establish or grow your company.

Be sure to review the information below to find some quick answers to the most common questions asked by potential applicants. If you have additional questions, or when you’re ready to apply, contact our office by phone at (561) 276-8640.

Business Funding Resources

Are you planning to renovate a commercial property located in the Delray Beach CRA District? Don’t start construction without first checking to see if CRA funding assistance is available! Our programs don’t work for every project, but dozens of eligible businesses and property owners miss out on funding opportunities each year. Don’t be one of them!

Helpful Hint: For each of the programs listed, be sure to apply before starting construction! If the project gets underway before the CRA Board has a chance to approve a funding application, all or a portion of the project can be automatically disqualified for funding.

*NEW COVID-19 Let’s Keep It Clean Grant Program Guidelines & Application

The Project Consultancy & Design Services Program is a tool for commercial property improvement projects in high-priority areas of the CRA District. After determining that many commercial buildings in the Northwest/Southwest Neighborhoods, along the West Atlantic Avenue corridor, and the Osceola Park commercial areas suffered from a lack of investment and/or aging facilities, the program provides applicants with project consultancy and professional design services determined by a project’s respective stage of development. GUIDELINES | APPLICATION

The Site Development Assistance Program offers a partial reimbursement for a variety of interior and exterior improvements to eligible commercial and multi-family buildings in the CRA District.

The Paint-Up & Signage Program is designed to help business and property owners throughout the CRA District improve the exterior of existing commercial buildings through a fresh coat of paint and signage. GUIDELINES | APPLICATION

The Rent Subsidy Program assists new businesses with partial monthly rent assistance for up to 12 months during the first 18 months of operating in Delray Beach. The total maximum award amount is $6,000, paid in equal monthly installments of up to $500. Restrictions apply to businesses in the downtown core and beach area of the CRA District and lease terms, and businesses must create at least two new full-time equivalent job positions. GUIDELINES | APPLICATION

The Historic Façade Improvement Program was established in 1994 to encourage historic preservation as a tool for redevelopment. It offers up to $50,000 toward the restoration of a historic façade of a historic structure for commercial use. GUIDELINES | APPLICATION

For Developers

The Delray Beach CRA is committed to ensuring the economic vitality of the CRA District through projects and initiatives that increase job growth and enhance the commercial tax base. Incentive programs that catalyze investment are a part of the CRA’s strategy to encourage the creation of new office and commercial space.

While many of the funding assistance programs offered by the Delray Beach CRA are targeted toward commercial property improvements, we do offer a few resources that specifically support businesses that are creating jobs. 

The Development Infrastructure Assistance Program allows developers to recover a portion of their investment in certain site and public infrastructure improvements related to qualified commercial development projects. LEARN MORE

Through the Land Value Investment Program developers are able to develop CRA-owned property by utilizing an affordable long-term land lease. LEARN MORE

The Job Creation Bonus Program is offered to businesses that are preparing to add high-value jobs to the CRA District. It’s available to both existing businesses and startups, and funding is based on the number of new jobs generated. Additional funding may be offered for positions earning premium wages and jobs filled by Delray Beach residents. LEARN MORE

For Residential Property Improvements

The elimination of slum and blight within the Community Redevelopment Area is a priority for the CRA. The Curb Appeal Residential Improvement Program is designed to assist in this goal by providing grants to the owners of single family residential properties for minor exterior property improvements that can improve the aesthetics of a residential dwelling and increase property value.

The Curb Appeal Residential Improvement Program, created in 2007, offers up to $15,000 to make minor structural and cosmetic exterior improvements to single-family homes and duplexes in the Northwest and Southwest Neighborhoods in the CRA District. The goal is to help eliminate slum and blighted conditions.

The program covers the cost of minor exterior property improvements, which can improve the aesthetics of a residential dwelling and increase property value.  Funding is budgeted on an annual basis and is approved on a first-come, first-served basis. Please allow up to several weeks for application processing and project bids. Funding is budgeted on an annual basis and is approved on a first-come, first-served basis. For application and eligibility information, and for assistance, please call (561) 243-7280  LEARN MORE