Two Job Openings at Delray Beach CRA

Two Job Openings at Delray Beach CRA

14:36 06 April in Press Room

The Delray Beach CRA is currently seeking applicants for two full-time job openings: Contract Manager and Project Manager. Both positions will remain open until filled.

Contract Manager | General Description:

This is a responsible, detail-oriented professional position performing a broad range of services related to the management and administration of the agency’s various contracts and agreements. Responsibilities include coordination and oversight of contract requirements, including timelines, deliverables, terms and conditions, payment schedules and other relevant matters. Includes Interlocal agreements, construction contracts, leases, maintenance agreements, etc. Manages real estate agreements, oversees property management functions such as arranging for routine maintenance, oversight of property maintenance contracts and project files, etc. Assists Economic Development and Finance staff in coordination of grant and loan agreements.

View full application here: Delray Beach CRA – Contract Manager

Project Manager | General Description:

This is professional and technical position involving planning, managing and coordinating a variety of redevelopment projects. Performs day to day communication and coordination between contractor and architect/engineer for completion of construction projects to meet deadlines, monitors budget and established construction standards. Work also involves coordination of the planning, design, and construction of residential, commercial, and public use projects from inception to completion. Work is performed exercising considerable initiative and independent judgment in formulating timelines, budgets, and contracts. The position involves extensive contact with the development and business community, City staff and government officials, various other agencies, citizen groups, advisory boards and others.

View full application here: Delray Beach CRA – Project Manager