Treats for Your Pet and Human Friends Too!

Treats for Your Pet and Human Friends Too!

21:34 09 December in GreenMarket

df457a62-e8d7-46db-99e9-9e159d8eb089Q&A with Stacey Nelson, Ph. D. of Tweedle Pet Products

Q: How many years have you been a vendor at the Delray GreenMarket?

A: Seven years – time has flown by!

Q: How did your business come about?

A: In my private consulting/psychotherapy practice, I would hear stories filled with grief and sorrow about the loss of pets due to pet food recalls, deadly toxins, artificial preservatives, additives, etc. Then my Labrador Retriever “Miss Tweedle” (the inspiration for my brand) was found to have a congenital heart defect and a variety of allergies. I knew there were other pet owners who needed specialty products for their pets, so I definitely wanted to avoid products with harmful ingredients.

I also wanted to make these healthy treats for the pet owners, thus “Tweedle Gluten Free Food Products” was developed. We donate a portion of our sales to research at the University of Pennsylvania, which is conducting a study on the Genetic Causes of Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia (TVD) in Labrador Retrievers

Q: What are the top three words to describe your product.

A: Gourmet, organic and gluten-free

Q: Why is shopping local so important and valuable?

A: You get a chance to develop relationships with local customers. It’s very important to support our local independent farmers and producers in our area, where we are fortunate to be able to purchase non-GMO, natural and organic fresh produce, baked goods, and other types of goods.

Q: What is your favorite restaurant in downtown Delray Beach?

A: Doc’s has the best chocolate soft serve cone!

Q: Name 3 things you would always find in your refrigerator?

A: Fresh lettuce, baby greens, organic herbs (grown hydroponically)

Q: What is an “insider tip” to share about the Delray GreenMarket?

A: Visit early as many vendors will sell out. And, avoid lines by contacting vendors and placing orders before Saturday, to be picked up at the GreenMarket.

A: What are your favorite words to live by/ favorite quote?

Q: Life is short – stay positive – be grateful for what you have instead of focusing on what you don’t have.

Q: What is your favorite product that you sell?

A: Difficult to pick just one. Grain and Gluten-Free Tweedle Stix, Tweedle Bites and Tweedle’s cupcakes would be my top three choices!

Connect with Miss Tweedle on Facebook and Twitter @tweedlesmom and visit online at And be sure to bring your canine and feline friends by the booth every Saturday