The Vertical Garden Trend

The Vertical Garden Trend

15:10 20 September in GreenMarket
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By Paula Detwiller

Image courtesy GSky Plant Systems, Inc.

For years, people have been training ivy to climb trellises or drape over walls. But today’s gardeners are taking that concept to a whole new level. They’re covering walls, doors, fences, and other structures with greenery and color.

A delight to the eye, vertical gardens can be created indoors as well as out, thanks to new modular planting systems on the market.  Here are some interesting new ways to partake in the trend:

  • Planting pouches. These are made from recycled material with sturdy grommets to hang them up. Tuck plants inside and arrange them in rows on an upright surface, and you’ve got an instant vertical garden. Check out the Woolypockets website for inspiration and how-to information.
  • Planting trays. As this video shows, pre-fabricated trays become vertical planters suitable for framing and hanging. Or, save your money and make your own planting tray out of a discarded wooden shipping pallet.
  • Potted-plant hangers. We don’t mean the macramé kind. Now there’s special hardware that helps you turn a fence, a wooden gate, or a balcony railing into a vertical garden using potted plants.
  • Repurposed objects. Old rain gutters make lovely hanging troughs for plants and flowers. Or take some old shutters, lock the slats at an angle, and plant seedlings in the crevices. Let your imagination be your guide.

Vertical Garden Experts Set Up Shop in Delray

Here’s a related news flash: a Canadian-based company called GSky Plant Systems, Inc. recently opened its U.S. headquarters in Delray Beach. The company is receiving a Business Development Assistance Grant from the Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), which operates the Delray GreenMarket. We’re excited to welcome GSky to the local business community!