So Long Food Pyramid!

So Long Food Pyramid!

16:27 10 June in GreenMarket
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by Paula Detwiller

Nutritionists around the country stood up and cheered recently when the federal government officially retired the Food Pyramid, replacing it with a much more intuitive guide to healthy eating: the Plate diagram.

The Food Pyramid had been around since 1992, but people had difficulty interpreting it, said the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Its details were a bit overwhelming for today’s on-the-go consumers: who could memorize its recommended daily servings of, say, bread, cereal, rice and pasta (6 to 11) versus meat, poultry, fish, and egg (3 to 5)?

Visualize a More Balanced Diet

The Plate diagram, on the other hand, straightforwardly reminds us to eat just as many fruits and vegetables as we do grains and protein. The USDA says this new emphasis on plant-based eating is in direct response to America’s obesity epidemic. Notice that “sweets” and “fats” are nowhere to be found on this picture? And look at the symbol for Dairy: its size and placement suggests a healthy glass of low-fat milk, not a double-cheese pizza.


What’s on Your Plate?

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