She’s Got a Thing About Key Limes

She’s Got a Thing About Key Limes

10:53 30 December in GreenMarket, Vendor
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By Paula Detwiller

Lots of little kids set up lemonade stands. But Delray Beach native Winnie Edwards was different. She picked key limes off her family’s backyard tree, made fresh limeade and sold it on Swinton Avenue. It was the beginning of her love for “all things key lime,” a passion that continues today at the Delray GreenMarket

“Winnie’s Fine Baked Goods” sells homemade key lime pie (whole or by the slice), key lime cookies, and an assortment of sweet breads at the GreenMarket each Saturday. Winnie and her business partner, Diane Simpson, have developed a loyal following in their first year. Here’s proof: if you want a loaf of their Island Rum Mango Bread, you’d better get to the market early. They often sell out by 10 a.m.!


Local Roots, Local Traditions

For Winnie, this type of entrepreneurship runs in the family.

“I love to bake and cook,” she said. “I learned it all from my mom, who had a restaurant and catering business with her best friend here in Delray. I grew up in their kitchens.”

But she soon left town to attend boarding school in Virginia, then college in Texas. She launched a career in graphic design and creative direction that took her to Tennessee, California, and Colorado. Back home now in Delray, she enjoys having her bake-sale-type weekends and reconnecting with old friends at the GreenMarket, even though it’s “very strange running into a boyfriend from 8th grade,” she laughs.


A Key Lime Purist 

Winnie insists on using only fresh key lime juice in her pies. She spends one to two hours each week squeezing the limes using her great grandmother’s hand-cranked juicer. For variety, she makes two types of key lime pie: traditional (featuring a vanilla cookie crust), and chocolate raspberry (fresh raspberries on top, chocolate cookie crust).

To special-order a pie or other sweet treats from Winnie’s Fine Baked Goods, call (303) 570-0433 or email her at