Swinton Avenue/Atlantic Avenue Intersection Improvements

About This Project

Location: Intersection of Swinton and Atlantic Avenues
Architect/Engineer: TBD
Contact: John Morgan, Environmental Services Director, 561-243-7030


Project Description: The Downtown Plan identified the Swinton/Atlantic Avenue intersection as a major impediment to achieving the objective of unifying East and West Atlantic into a “seamless” downtown corridor. The width of the intersection and the amount of traffic it experiences creates difficulties for pedestrians wishing to cross from one side to the other. The dramatic increase in the number of pedestrians in the downtown area has led to a greater potential for pedestrian/vehicular conflicts. The Downtown Plan proposed two possible modifications to this intersection in order to improve pedestrian safety:


  • Installation of a roundabout that would provide mid-points for pedestrians to stop at as they crossed the street, or;
  • Elimination of one of the southbound lanes on the north side of Atlantic Avenue to make the crossing shorter and safer.


In 2013, a study of the intersection was completed by Kittleson & Associates, Inc. in association with Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. The City has determined that a roundabout is probably not feasible due to the projected traffic volumes.