Muse House & Harvel House Renovations

About This Project

Location: 182 & 186 NW 5th Avenue
Contact: Jeff Costello, Executive Director, 561-276-8640


The Muse House and Harvel House are historic single-family residential structures, named for two prominent families that owned the properties for many years. The Harvel House was originally located in the Old School Square Historic Arts District (OSSHAD) at 36 SE 1st Avenue.


In March 2010, the owner of the house donated the structure to the CRA and it was relocated to the vacant lot at 186 NW 5th Avenue, adjacent to the Muse House. The relocation occurred on Thursday, December 16, 2010 beginning at 5am, using a travel route designed to avoid major intersections. At its new location, just north of the Spady Museum campus, the Harvel House has become a contributing structure in the West Settler’s Historic District.


In June 2011, the CRA completed construction on the expansion of the Spady Museum parking lot on the south side of the Muse House by adding a row of 10 parking spaces and 4 parallel parking spaces along NW 5th Avenue, adjacent to the property. The project also included landscape upgrades. Construction of the adjacent alley and 7 additional spaces was completed in 2013. Renovations and conversion of the two historic structures from residential to commercial use was completed in June 2014 and the buildings are now leased out.

Completed Projects