Downtown Bypass System Conversion

About This Project

Location: NE 1st Street, SE 1st Street
Architect/Engineer: Lawson, Noble and Webb
Contact: John Morgan, Environmental Services Director at 243-7320


Project Description: The current downtown bypass system consists of two one-way streets: NE 1st Street (westbound) and SE 1st Street (eastbound). The bypass was originally designed to provide an alternative to traveling on the more congested East Atlantic Avenue. These one-way pairs have created difficulties for drivers trying to circulate throughout the downtown area. The Downtown Master Plan calls for the conversion of these streets back to their original two-way configuration, but they will continue to serve as alternative routes to Atlantic Avenue.


The project necessitates changes to traffic signals and markings, upgrading of the railroad crossings, and installation of landscaping and on-street parking before the conversion can be completed. Construction of those improvements began in late 2005 and was completed in 2007. The conversion of NE 1st Street (between Swinton and NE 6th Avenue) to two-way traffic was completed in August 2010. Conversion of SE 1st Street (between Swinton and SE 6th Avenue) to two-way traffic is scheduled to occur with completion of the Federal Highway Beautification Project in 2015. The CRA has contributed more than $1.2 million toward this project.

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