Arts Warehouse

About This Project

In 2010, the CRA purchased a 15,000 sq. ft. warehouse in the Pineapple Grove Arts District for conversion to an arts related use such as an arts center/incubator. The purpose of this project is to encourage visitors and pedestrian activity in the Pineapple Grove area and to enhance Delray’s image as an arts destination. The CRA worked with the nonprofit Creative City Collaborative (CCC) and the private consulting firm Arts Consulting Group (ACG) to develop a community based plan for the facility. The ACG plan concluded that the facility should accommodate uses such as: studios for rent by local and visiting artists; gallery and exhibit space; classroom and workshop space; food preparation area for catering events on site; administrative offices; and space for rent to businesses that will collaborate with and/or provide support services to artists. In June 2014 the CRA selected the local architectural firm of Currie Sowards Aguila to design the improvements to convert the warehouse to the uses outlined in the ACG report.  On August 25, 2016, Hatcher Construction & Development, Inc was awarded the contract to renovate the Arts Warehouse. The project is currently under construction and is anticipated to be completed by the summer of 2017. The CRA is currently accepting requests from visual artists who are interested in leasing studio space within the Arts Warehouse.


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The goals of the project are:



  • Continued revitalization and stabilization of the downtown and surrounding neighborhoods through promotion of art and cultural activities and institutions.
  • Promote cultural tourism by enhancing Delray Beach’s identity as a community of culture and the arts–one that is creative, authentic, and intimate
  • Help ensure access to the arts for all ages, ethnicities, and physical ability
  • Create jobs and promote economic development.


Please see below for additional related documents:


City of Delray Beach Cultural Plan (2006 by Coletta & Company) – Project No. CRA 2016-07

CRA Plan

Arts Consulting Group (ACG) Phase 3 Report presented to the CRA Board 10-24-13 – Project No. CRA 2016-07

CSA  Construction Drawings (Bid Set) – Project No. CRA 2016-07

Arts Warehouse Construction Documents (Specifications) – Project No. CRA 2016-07

96% Construction Documents for Street Improvements in Arts Warehouse area (NE 3rd St/NE 3rd Ave) – Project No. CRA 2016-07

Completed Projects