221-223 SW 12th Ave Duplex Renovations

About This Project

Location: 221-223 Southwest 12th Avenue Duplex Renovations

Contact: Jeff Costello, Executive Director, 561-276-8640

This project consisted of interior and exterior renovations of the duplex structure. The general scope of work for the structure included new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment and fixtures, impact resistant exterior doors and windows, ceiling, walls and flooring, roof trusses, and site upgrades such as landscaping, irrigation, site lighting, and trellises to match the existing adjacent five (5) duplexes completed by the CRA in 2013. In order to accommodate the demand for quality affordable rental housing in the downtown area, the duplex has been rented to income eligible families and is managed by the Delray Beach Community Land Trust through a Ground Lease/Management Agreement.

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