Don’t Throw It Away…Repurpose It!

12:48 06 September in GreenMarket by cra

By Paula Detwiller  As kids, we knew instinctively how to reuse things. We filled shoeboxes with small toys, made a Superman cape from Dad’s old T-shirt, and created musical instruments out of used toilet paper rolls. As adults, we’ve learned to reuse plastic grocery bags, twist-ties, and yes—shoeboxes...

delray-beach-Community-Redevelopment-Agency-Jute shopping bag with groceries II

Reusable Bags: Not Just for Groceries Anymore

17:06 10 August in GreenMarket by cra

By Paula Detwiller If you’re reading this blog, chances are you've already acquired a few reusable grocery bags, and you use them—when you remember to—at the supermarket, the health food store, or the GreenMarket. Well, it’s time to “think outside the box” with your reusable bags. Consider these additional...


Got Rain? Recycle it!

09:06 16 July in GreenMarket by cra

By Paula Detwiller Now that the rainy season’s here, have you thought about capturing some of that rainwater and using it around the yard? It’s a great way to conserve tap water while hydrating your plants with heaven-sent moisture. It also reduces storm water runoff, keeping fertilizers, street...

A Perfect Papaya Pick-Me-Up

08:26 28 June in GreenMarket by cra

By Paula Detwiller Have you tried a papaya lately? This sweet, silky fruit is oh-so-soothing on a hot summer day. Maybe that’s why June is National Papaya Month. It’s the perfect time to celebrate a tropical fruit that’s not only tasty, but also high in Vitamin...

Recipe for Romance: A Sunset Picnic for Two

17:14 15 June in GreenMarket by cra

By Paula Detwiller They say true romance involves the element of surprise. Why not surprise your lover with a sunset picnic on the beach?  You’ll be in synch with lovers around the world if you plan your outing for Monday, June 18—it’s International Picnic Day! Not only...


Find your GreenMarket Favorites All Summer Long!

14:17 31 May in GreenMarket, Vendor by cra

By Paula Detwiller   It’s been less than three weeks since the Delray Greenmarket closed for the season, and already you’re craving Taspen’s gluten-free granola bars, or Pascale’s Blueberry Lavender Jam. No worries! During the off-season, you can purchase items from many of our GreenMarket vendors online....


The “Pink Slime” Debate

10:43 27 April in GreenMarket by cra

By Paula Detwiller For the last two decades or so, our hamburger meat has been “beefed up” with filler made from ground-up, ammonia-treated beef scraps, sinew and connective tissue.  Formally known as boneless lean beef trimmings (BLBT), the food industry says it’s wholesome, safe and delicious....


It’s Florida Tomato Time!

16:39 12 April in GreenMarket, Vendor by cra

By Paula Detwiller Did you know that fresh, ripe, juicy tomatoes are harvested from every growing district in Florida at this time of year, and shipped across the U.S.? That’s why April is National Florida Tomato Month, in recognition of our state’s large, high-quality crop. More than...