International Food Court

International Food Court

16:00 06 September in GreenMarket

Come for Breakfast or Stay for Lunch!

The GreenMarket has something for every palette in our “International” Food Court every Saturday


A Taste of Africa – Grilled Chicken Kabob, Smoked Turkey Legs, Cheese Arepes, Fried Rice and Garden Salads


A Touch of Spain – Gazpacho and more


Artpie – Organic Art Pies, 30 flavors featuring themed names like “Catherine The Great” with Organic Chicken Breast, Mushrooms, GreenOnions, Flour, Milk, Butter and Monique´s Special Seasoning Blend


Aurora’s Mexican Kitchen – Authentic Tamales, Tortilla’s, Taco’s Bean, and Flan


BushDogs LLC. – Maryland’s Finest Crab Soup, Crab Bisque, Crab Cakes, Old Bay Shrimp Cocktails and Chesapeake Shrimp Salad


Belkeys International Cuisine – Cuban Sandwiches, Quesadilla’s, and Soup du jour


Curich Novoandino – Contemporary culinary creations with fundamental Andean cooking techniques


Paella de Espana Catering- Seafood, Chicken and Chorizo Paella