GreenMarket Celebrates Watermelon on Earth Day

GreenMarket Celebrates Watermelon on Earth Day

21:08 19 April in GreenMarket

Earth Day Seedling Give-a-way

This Saturday in celebration of Earth Day, the GreenMarket will be giving away Dark Belle watermelon seedlings to get your summer garden started right. The Dark Belle is an oblong fruit with dark green stripes, thick rind, sweet and crisp inside. Complements of PBC Agricultural Extension Office and Mounts Botanical Garden.

Tips on Growing Watermelons

  • You must plant two seedlings in order for propagation to occur
  • Plant in full sun and water regularly
  • The seedlings are approximately 30 days old now and will take 45 days to harvest
  • As your watermelon nears maturity, the rind will become dull, the underside of the watermelon that was on the ground will turn light green or yellow and the watermelon tendril will become dry and detach itself from the vine naturally


Earth Day Chef Showcase

This Saturday April 21st,  the Chef Showcase will feature Chef Rich Achaia from Avant Delray. Rich will shop the market for the freshest ingredients and create a mouth watering watermelon dish. Sampling is required!