For the Love of Pasta!

For the Love of Pasta!

14:04 13 October in GreenMarket, Vendor

By Paula Detwiller

October is National Pasta Month—a perfect time to enjoy one of America’s favorite comfort foods. There’s nothing like a steaming bowl of pasta to soothe your soul after a long, hard day, right?

Whether you’re partial to lasagna, linguine, or ravioli, the Delray GreenMarket has a new vendor this season offering a whole new level of “yum.” It’s Pasta Amore of North Palm Beach, specializing in handmade gourmet pasta, fresh-frozen for your convenience.

Multiple Flavors of Ravioli

Pasta Amore is known for their unique ravioli fillings. The names alone make your mouth water: Gorgonzola with Pear, Four Cheese Peperoncino, Fig & Provolone, Crab & Lobster, Pumpkin, Fontina Asparagus, and Mushroom. Owner and chief pasta-maker Gabriel Daguerre says the raviolis go straight from your freezer to a pot of boiling water, and in three or four minutes, they’re done.

“I recommend two very simple sauces to complement, and not overpower, the flavors,” Daguerre said. “Any kind of flavored, extra-virgin olive oil, or browned butter with a little fresh sage thrown in, and salt and pepper. Simple as that.”

Pasta Amore also sells handmade fettuccini, linguine, lasagna and pappardelle pasta in whole wheat, egg, spinach, beet, and basil-tomato flavors. These pastas should be thawed before cooking, and will last up to two days in the fridge.

Daguerre and his wife Maria, both originally from Uruguay, run Pasta Amore with the help of their four daughters. They sell their pasta directly to the public and to local restaurants. In business for two years now, they aspire to opening their own pasta restaurant one day.

How to Order

You can special-order Pasta Amore products to pick up at the Delray GreenMarket by calling or emailing Daguerre the week before:

Phone: (561) 207-0329
Storefront location: Muzzio’s Bakery, (561) 840-9577