Do you have a question about one of the CRA grant programs?

Below is a list of frequently asked questions covering a variety of topics about deadlines, eligibility, job creation, and more. If your question doesn’t appear on this list, you should consider attending a CRA Grants Workshop, or contact the CRA office directly for more information.

What’s the deadline to apply for funding assistance?

Whenever you can complete your application packet! Funding applications are considered year-round (pending the availability of funding), though there are some milestones to keep in mind. Rent Subsidy Program applications must be submitted before a business has been open for 6 months, while funding requests for property improvement programs must be submitted and approved by the CRA board before construction begins.

Can I receive funding assistance through more than one program?

Yes! You may choose to apply for any and all programs that you qualify for. CRA staff can help verify your eligibility if you’re unsure.

Do I have to own the commercial property in order to qualify for funding assistance to help with renovations?

As a tenant, you may apply for funding assistance if you have a valid, fully executed lease in place.

I need some general startup and operating capital to run my business. Which CRA program should I apply for?

Unfortunately, it sounds like the CRA’s funding assistance programs may not be a good fit for your needs. Our programs are designed to help with very specific costs, such as monthly rent or property improvements.

Can I apply for the Rent Subsidy Program if I own the property through a separate entity?

No. The Rent Subsidy Program calls for leases to be the result of an “arms length transaction,” where no party to the lease agreement is able to control or substantially influence the actions of the other.

Are there any job creation requirements to qualify for funding assistance?

It depends on the program. The Rent Subsidy Program and Job Creation Bonus Program each require businesses to create a minimum number of new job positions, but programs that support property improvements do not.