Earth Day at the GreenMarket

Earth Day at the GreenMarket

11:15 08 April in GreenMarket

by Paula Detwiller

It’s been a rough couple of years for Mother Earth, what with the BP oil spill, the rapid melting of the polar ice caps, and the nuclear contamination crisis in Japan. These kinds of threats to our planet’s ecosystems underline the importance of Earth Day, which began in 1970 and is traditionally celebrated on April 22 each year.  Here in Delray Beach, the entire month of April has been officially declared “Earth Month” and the GreenMarket is getting an early start by celebrating Earth Day this Saturday.

Sunflowers at the Delray GreenMarket

 Moo, Bleat, Gobble

The main attraction: our Earth Day Petting Zoo, compliments of Heritage Hen Farm. You’ll meet a heritage turkey, baby goats Star and Buck, and baby calf Coco Chanel. What better way to salute Mother Earth than to appreciate the work of farm animals? They keep the pastures tidy, turn the soil for planting, and ultimately provide nourishment for all of us.

Join Our Recycling Program

Did you know that an aluminum can that’s thrown in the trash will still be an aluminum can 500 years from now? But recycling that same can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours? We now have blue plastic recycling bins next to our trash bins so you can do your part for the Earth and recycle your aluminum, plastic, and glass while at the market. See you Saturday!