CRA Awareness Month!

CRA Awareness Month!

15:16 07 March in GreenMarket

by Paula Detwiller

Have you ever wondered who’s in charge of the Delray GreenMarket? Sure, we all know that GreenMarket Manager Lori Nolan is in charge, but who does she work for? The answer is the Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA).

If you’ve been around Delray Beach for a while, chances are you’ve seen a lot of the CRA’s work. But you may still be wondering: who is the CRA and what does it do?

March is CRA Awareness Month in Delray Beach—the kickoff to a long-term community outreach campaign designed to better acquaint the public with the CRA’s mission, programs, and accomplishments. The CRA will be at the market this Saturday, March 10. Stop by the CRA booth for a free glass of orange juice. While you’re there, you can meet a few CRA staff and board members, and learn more about what the agency does for the community.

Essentially, the CRA works to create a better city in which to live, with better infrastructure, more attractive neighborhoods, and a stronger local economy. And this month, you’ll have several opportunities to learn just how the CRA creates these positive changes.  To learn more about CRA Awareness Month, and to see the full schedule of events, visit the CRA website.

CRA & GreenMarket Trivia

FACT: GreenMarket Manager Lori Nolan is the longest tenured CRA employee, with 14 years under her belt.

FACT: The CRA was established in 1985 by the City Commission. Eleven years later, the CRA started the GreenMarket, in 1996.

FACT: The market has had seven different locations in the downtown since it opened. It started in the parking lot of the current CRA office (20 N. Swinton Avenue), then moved to NW 1st Avenue, back to the CRA parking lot, to the Tennis Center parking lot, then to Worthing Park, the former Old School Square parking lot, and finally to SE 4th Avenue where it is today.