Compliment Your Coffee with a Cookie

Compliment Your Coffee with a Cookie

08:00 16 March in GreenMarket

Vendor Spotlight: Delicious Town BiscottiDelray Green Market

Biscotti, an Italian word meaning “twice cooked,” are crunchy cookies available in a variety of flavors that originated in the Italian city of Prato. They even have their own holiday on September 29! No need to travel all the way to Europe for a taste of these yummy sweeties, just stop by Delicious Town Biscotti at the Delray GreenMarket on Saturdays for a truly indulgent treat. Read more as we had a chance to speak with Susan (discussed over lattes and a chocolate biscotti, of course!)

How did your business come about?

I have been baking biscotti for friends and family for over 15 years, and time and time again people have told me I should go into business…finally the financial opportunity was there, I did my homework and started my business (that is the very short story – stop by my booth and I will gladly share more with you!)

What is one business tip you would share with someone looking to start selling his or her goods locally?

Research all the green markets in the area and determine if there is a market for your product. If the market you are interested in has a similar product, you need to differentiate yours from the competition. 

Top three words to describe your product.

Fresh, delicious and flavorful! 

Why is shopping local so important and valuable?

When we support our local economy we support the foundation on which this country was built – when possible, shopping local, small businesses is the best way to go!

What is your favorite restaurant in downtown Delray Beach?

Too tough to pick just one so it’s a tie between Max’s Harvest and 32 East.

What is your favorite place to visit and spend time in Delray Beach?

Definitely the beach, walking around town and people watching (wearing tinted sunglasses of course!)

What’s your favorite Delray event (besides the GreenMarket of course)?

4th of July Fireworks – Who doesn’t live BBQ, fireworks and celebrating America?

What are three items we could always find in your fridge or pantry?

Butter, sugar and chocolate are staples.

If you were trapped on a desert island what three items would you ideally have?

A lighter, a frying pan and the joy of cooking.

What is an “insider tip” to share about the Delray GreenMarket?

Come early, bring small change and a re-usable bag to carry your goods!

When you aren’t at the Delray GreenMarket, where would we mostly likely find you?

In the kitchen, baking biscotti of course!

What is one place you hope to travel to someday?

Italy – for cooking school and home of the biscotti.

What are your favorite words to live by/ favorite quote?

“This is not a dress rehearsal.” First impressions are lasting ones and may be the only one you get!

What is your favorite product that you sell?

My personal favorite is the lemon-coconut biscotti.

If you could be a celebrity for a day, who would it be?

Rachel Ray – would be fun to be on TV!

If you could host a dinner party with anyone (past, present, future) who would you invite? Paul Newman, Bill Clinton and Meryl Streep

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