Q&A with Chef Aurora Garcia Ramos on Cinco de Mayo

Q&A with Chef Aurora Garcia Ramos on Cinco de Mayo

17:10 04 May in GreenMarket

What is Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo is an annual celebration commemorating the historic victory of the Mexican army over the invading French Army , considered the best in the world in 1862. Although outnumbered 2 to 1, the Mexicans defeated the French in defense of their homeland. Cinco de Mayo is also known as the “Battle of Puebla”.


What are some Cinco de Mayo traditions?

The “Battle of the Flowers” was a very nice tradition, where men would give a flower to women who caught their eye, and hoped to get it back to start a conversation. This is how may parents met! 


How is Cinco de Mayo celebrated in Mexico?

Cinco de Mayo is almost exclusively  celebrated in the City of Puebla, Mexico (where I was born), with a big parade and a Fair, but for the rest of the country is only a day when children get the day off. 


Why is Cinco de Mayo so popular in the United States?

Cinco de Mayo in the United States is a day to celebrate Mexican-American culture. But most of all is a day that has been marketed to party and drink, very similar to Saint Patrick’s Day.


What will you be cooking and sampling for the Cinco de Mayo Chef Showcase this Saturday?

 I will have a very traditional and fresh pico de gallo salsa, and fish tacos.