15 Reasons Why Mom Deserves Her Own Holiday

15 Reasons Why Mom Deserves Her Own Holiday

16:19 06 May in GreenMarket

By Paula Detwiller

Here at the GreenMarket, we appreciate all the little things Moms do. In honor of Mother’s Day and the 15th anniversary of the Delray GreenMarket, we put together this list of 15 reasons why mothers deserve their own special holiday.

  1. She brought you into this world—through her own body.
  2. For at least two years, she changed your dirty diapers.
  3. Her first instinct was always to stick up for you.
  4. She made you eat your vegetables.
  5. Her lullabies (and later her lectures) could put you to sleep.
  6. “When you’re a mother, you’ll understand” turned out to be true.
  7. Dad’s hugs are nice, but not as nice as Mom’s.
  8. Her chauffeur services were first-rate.
  9. She cooked your favorite meal when you came home from college.
  10.  She did your laundry when you came home from college.
  11.  She put you through college—or provided moral support while you did it yourself.
  12. Two words: homemade pie.
  13.  Mom does the worrying for everyone in the family!
  14.  She taught you to play fair and watch your mouth.
  15.  There’s no better babysitter.

So when you stop by the GreenMarket this Saturday, why not pick up a Mother’s Day gift—for your mom, your auntie, your grandma, or yourself? From orchids to scented soaps to fashionable sunhats to fresh-baked desserts, there’s something for every mom at the Delray GreenMarket.  And don’t forget—only two more markets left (May 7 and May 14) before we close for the season!