You’re a Work of Art: Budding Artists Booth

You’re a Work of Art: Budding Artists Booth

19:38 30 October in GreenMarket

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” – Pablo Picasso unnamed-1

The Delray GreenMarket offers so much to the community each Saturday, including art! Did you know that there are artistic opportunities for children and their families at the “Budding Artists” booth? Leanne Griffith, the Community Outreach/Volunteer Coordinator at Old School Square shared her insight into the Budding Artist program.

How did this [Budding Artist] program come to be?

Budding Artists was conceived as a response to my disappointment in the lack of art opportunities offered at my daughter’s elementary school. It seemed as if tracing and coloring within the lines were the only activities available and “clean enough” for the kids to participate in at school. I remembered the crafts of my childhood; cutting up egg cartons, gluing feathers on pinecones, building with Popsicle sticks, and basically using recycled items and transforming them into art. Delray needed a place where it was more than acceptable for kids to make a mess. It needed a community that would support green living and simple art supplies found in nature and even in our recycle bins, and the Delray Beach Green Market was a perfect fit!

Describe to us what one will experience at the booth?

Budding Artists is presented by Old School Square Inc. and uses eco-friendly, recycled items and art supplies to create a seasonally themed craft each week. All activities are FREE to all children. The “artists” don’t have to follow the model, but instead are encouraged to create and make something of their own that they can take home or give to a friend.

Why is it important to introduce children to art at a young age?

In an age where video games and on-demand movies are the norm, and children’s lives are hectic with maddening schedules, it is important to provide a respite from the chaos and provide an opportunity in an outdoor, quiet space for children to express themselves and just create. It is our hope to introduce them to and foster their own “artistic eye.” Have the opportunity to awaken their artistic ability early on can positively enhance one’s experience through the rest of his or her life. It’s fun for adults too!

What crafts can kids (and their parents) look forward to this season?

Some crafts to look forward to this season include: projects using recycled CDs, toilet paper rolls, paperclips, clothespins and other household items. We will even introduce some activities with fine art materials such as grease markers, watercolor and papier-mâché. The possibilities are limitless.

Why do you think Delray Beach has become such a hub for art and culture?
Delray Beach already has a reputation as an artist incubator with Artist Alley, numerous galleries and shops and the Cornell Art Museum. We can’t leave the kids out. Old School Square has an art supply closet that would make anyone jump for joy and we wanted to be able to share it with young budding artists each week at the Delray Beach Green market. Hope to see you there!

Learn more about other programs and upcoming events offered at Old School Square and sure to stop on by the Budding Artists booth located at the north side of the Market on Saturdays.