Lights, camera, action in Delray Beach

Lights, camera, action in Delray Beach

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By Marisa Gottesman, Sun Sentinel
5:41 a.m. EDT, July 22, 2014

Delray Beach, get ready for your close-up.

The city is set to star as the backdrop in a feature film called “After Midnight.” The film is produced by Delray Beach-based media group Brave Man Media.

Cameras are slated to shoot in Delray’s Artists Alley district beginning on Aug. 14, which means folks having lunch or strolling by may star as extras.

The story is set in a small, seaside town in 1972, where three friends figure out life’s trials and tribulations together by opening a bar.

Production manager Ian LaQua said the script is loosely based on the lives of the two writers, who grew up on Long Island.

“It’s about growing up in a small town in America and living the American dream,” LaQua said. “It has a comedic edge.”

Representatives from Brave Man Media thought there was no better place than Delray to showcase the story.

“It’s a small sea town where everyone knows everyone else, but it’s big enough where everyone can get lost in the shuffle,” LaQua said. “It’s a way of life we are familiar with and the story meshes well with the place we call home.”

The film is a low-budget production — around $500,000 — and is the first feature-length film with a budget for the media group. The company typically produces commercials, short films and documentaries. It hopes to feature this movie, which has been in the works for 18 months, on Netflix.

Delray is already reaping the benefits of being the location site even before cameras begin rolling.

On July 10, Brave Man Media made a deal to rent the Community Redevelopment Agency’s Art Warehouse for about a month for $500. The warehouse has been vacant since the agency bought it in 2010. Now, it will house sets, wardrobes and staging grounds for the film.

The agency’s board was excited that filming is taking place in a section of town branded as Delray’s cultural arts hub.

“We appreciate you doing something this creative in Delray,” said board member Cathy Balestriere.

Delray’s Marketing Cooperative Executive Director Stephanie Immelman said filming a movie in Delray will have a strong economic impact because the cast and crew will be spending money while they are visiting Delray’s attractions, eating in local restaurants and staying in Delray hotels.

But she said the lasting benefits will come once folks see Delray on screen.

“It’s always exciting to be able to showcase Delray Beach, but doing that through a major film shoot is doubly so,” Immelman said. “The wider world will be able to see our town and no doubt be intrigued to visit it themselves.”

If interested in starring as an extra, send a video acting out a movie scene to, 561-243-6544 or Twitter @marisagottesman

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