A Good Homemade Scrub for the Holidays

10:22 15 December in GreenMarket by cra

By Paula Detwiller Here’s an easy, make-it-yourself gift idea for the holidays: a fragrant body scrub. After all, winter is upon us—and women from Florida to Alaska are longing to exfoliate that dry, rough skin on their heels and elbows! Homemade body scrubs only require a few...


Add Some Dazzle to your Thanksgiving Table!

16:51 21 November in GreenMarket by cra

By Paula Detwiller Looking for an inexpensive way to deck out your table for the holiday? Here’s an idea: make a centerpiece using Indian corn and a little glitter. Your friends will think you’re a regular Martha Stewart!  (In fact, that’s where we got the idea.) You...


The Mighty Peppercorn: Nothing to Sneeze At

09:32 17 November in GreenMarket by cra

By Paula Detwiller Salt and pepper just naturally go together, right? And yet, salt seems to get all the headlines: sea salt, Kosher salt, low-salt foods…  Isn’t it time we heard some news about pepper? In fact, November is the perfect time to pepper our conversation: it’s...


Come Meet Our New Vendors!

16:24 26 October in GreenMarket, Vendor by cra

By Paula Detwiller   The weather is cooler, the snowbirds are returning, and Season 16 of the Delray GreenMarket is off to a roaring start.  We’re in the same location as last season (SE 4th Avenue just south of Atlantic Avenue), with new operating hours—from 9 a.m. to...


For the Love of Pasta!

14:04 13 October in GreenMarket, Vendor by cra

By Paula Detwiller October is National Pasta Month—a perfect time to enjoy one of America’s favorite comfort foods. There’s nothing like a steaming bowl of pasta to soothe your soul after a long, hard day, right? Whether you’re partial to lasagna, linguine, or ravioli, the Delray GreenMarket...


October: Vegetarian Awareness Month

08:53 06 October in GreenMarket by cra

By Paula Detwiller How many vegetarians do you know? A 2008 study estimated that about 3 percent of U.S. adults follow a vegetarian diet, while an additional 10 percent say they follow a “vegetarian-inclined” diet, which can mean any number of things. In honor of Vegetarian Awareness...


Keeping Pets Healthy and Safe in a Hurricane

17:26 21 September in GreenMarket by cra

By Paula Detwiller   You’ve stocked up on bottled water, ice, and hurricane rations…put fresh batteries in all the flashlights…even bought gas for the emergency generator. But have you thought about the pets? How will your dog or cat fare in a hurricane, particularly if you have...


Celebrating the Honey Harvest

14:59 14 September in GreenMarket by cra

By Paula Detwiller   Next time you see a honeybee, don’t swat it. Thank it!  Honeybees were busy all summer pollinating our local fruits and vegetables, and in the process, producing a sweetly delicious  golden-brown liquid that’s very good for your health. We’re talking about honey, Honey.  Since much...


Mango Mania!

08:00 18 August in GreenMarket by cra

by Paula Detwiller It’s August in South Florida, and the mangoes are falling off the trees. Sweet and ripe, the mango is a tropical treasure, full of nutrition and history. Did you know the mango was first imported into the American colonies in the 17th century?...