Beat the Summertime Blues with Blueberries!

10:00 27 July in GreenMarket by cra

by Paula Detwiller Got the Florida summertime blues? Tired of humidity, bugs, and rain showers? Break the monotony by whipping up a tasty treat for the whole family. This recipe, courtesy of Cindy Federspiel, was published in the 1st edition of our GreenMarket cookbook. It calls for...


Make Your Workout More Fun: Skip the Gym!

17:48 23 July in GreenMarket by cra

By Paula Detwiller Gym workouts are great when you’ve got a tight schedule. But hey—we live in a place where you can exercise outdoors year-round. So why not mix it up and incorporate fresh air, sunshine and the beauty of nature into your workout? Here’s how.   Take...


Bring on the BBQ—Without the GMOs

11:13 22 May in GreenMarket by cra

By Paula Detwiller Here’s a test. Open your refrigerator and pull out whatever barbecue sauce you have in there. Read the label. Do you see high fructose corn syrup listed in the ingredients? Chances are, you will.  Almost every commercial barbecue sauce in the supermarket contains high fructose...


Enjoy the Health Benefits of Hot & Spicy Foods

10:21 16 January in GreenMarket by cra

By Paula Detwiller Can you imagine sushi without wasabi? Texas chili without cayenne? Kung Pao Chicken without the “pow”? Hot, spicy foods tickle our taste buds and make mealtime exciting. They can also be good for our health, according to many studies. As we observe International Hot &...