Do you have a question about one of the CRA grant programs?

Below is a list of frequently asked questions covering a variety of topics about deadlines, eligibility, job creation, and more. If your question doesn’t appear on this list, you should consider attending a CRA Grants Workshop, or contact the CRA office directly for more information.

Is there a deadline for submitting grant applications?

No, the CRA accepts grant applications year-round (pending the availability of funding), however each program has specific time frames that must be considered during the application process. For example, applications for the Business Development Assistance Program must be submitted before the applicant has been in operation in Delray Beach for 6 months. Other programs that pay by reimbursement generally require that the application is approved before improvements are made.

Can a business apply for more than one grant program?

Yes! A business can apply for as many programs as they may qualify for, unless it is expressly prohibited by program guidelines. However, you cannot “double-dip” by having a single expense covered by more than one grant.

What is a full-time equivalent (FTE) job position?

A full-time equivalent position is one or more W-2 job positions whose hours worked equal at least 40 hours/week; employees may be paid no less than the federal minimum hourly wage, or a salary equivalent to that amount. 1099 independently contracted positions do not qualify. Additional minimum wage/salary requirements may apply for some grant programs.

Do business owners count toward required FTE job positions?

Only one FTE position occupied by a business owner may count toward job creation requirements for any grant program.

My employees are paid by commission. Will they count toward FTE job requirements?

No. Employees whose pay is solely based on commission will not count toward FTE job requirements; however W-2 employees paid by commission that also receive at least a minimum hourly wage or salary may count.

Does the CRA offer assistance for interior improvements?

Most CRA grant programs offer incentives for exterior improvements. However, some interior build-out expenses are covered by the Relocation & Development Incentive Program.

Does the CRA offer business loans?

No, the CRA does not offer loans. However, the CRA may pay the interest on a business loan for up to five (5) years for businesses that qualify for the Loan Interest Subsidy Program.

Can I apply for the Business Development Assistance Program if I’m paying a mortgage for my commercial space?

No. Only businesses with at least a 2-year lease term on their space may apply for the Business Development Assistance Program.

Do I have to meet with a CRA representative prior to submitting an application?

Applicants are required to attend at least one CRA Grant Workshop prior to submitting an application. After that, CRA staff may request an individual meeting to review your documentation or to address specific questions.