Downtown Master Plan

Growth for a New Day. Pride in a Past Preserved.

Conceived by the citizens and the City of Delray Beach, the Downtown Delray Beach Master Plan is a collaborative effort and unified vision for the future growth of the downtown area. In short, it charts a course for growing into the future while evoking the charms of the past every step along the way.


The Downtown Master Plan provides a framework for:

  • sparking development and investment in private land and public infrastructure
  • preserving the City’s heritage and village-like character
  • enhancing its livability, inclusiveness, and sense of unity
  • maintaining its architectural and urban design quality


The Downtown Master Plan was adopted by the City Commission and has won numerous awards for serving as a national model on how to promote cultural and economic opportunity through diversity.


Many of the projects and programs identified in the plan have been implemented in the years since its adoption, including: West Atlantic Avenue Street Beautification, Gateway Feature, US 1 Corridor Improvements, Neighborhood Plaza at West Atlantic and SW 5th Avenue, Change of direction – downtown 1-way pairs, infill housing, bus shelters, and urban design guidelines.


Use the links below to review each section of the Master Plan:

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West Atlantic Neighborhood

A Vision for the West Atlantic Neighborhood


The Downtown Delray Beach Master Plan includes the West Atlantic Neighborhood, with a Vision that supports:


  • Creation of a distinctive gateway feature that welcomes visitors and identifies the West Atlantic area as the entrance to downtown Delray Beach
  • New development with buildings fronting the street and parking in the rear
  • Affordable housing to minimize displacement of residents
  • Strategies for maintaining affordable rental rates and purchase prices on commercial properties to support locally owned businesses
  • Revitalization of NW/SW 5th Avenue, with the creation of a public plaza at the Atlantic Avenue intersection
  • Neighborhood pocket parks to provide quiet retreats for relaxing and unwinding outdoors
  • Continued beautification of Atlantic Avenue with installation of attractive medians, shade trees, and pedestrian amenities

Central Core

A Vision for the Central Core District


The Downtown Delray Beach Master Plan includes the Central Core District, with a Vision that supports:


  • Year-round, self-sustaining downtown business activity that is enhanced by, but not dependent on, visitors and tourists
  • Increased residential densities to encourage downtown living in a variety of housing types that support local businesses and add value and architectural character to the area
  • Redevelopment of side streets to create more opportunities for small businesses to thrive
  • Strategically designed and conveniently located parking that serves both private business and the public
  • Creation of a more pedestrian-friendly environment along the two Federal Highways as they enter downtown from the north and south with wider sidewalks, decreased speeds and enhanced beautification
  • Improving traffic flow by converting both of the one-way pair of “bypass” streets (SE 1st Street & NE 1st Street) into two-way traffic
  • Expansion of the Old School Square campus to include a 2-acre urban park and a 550-space public parking garage
  • Infill development in the Pineapple Grove area that includes mixed use structures with a “Floribbean” character

Beach District

A Vision for the Beach District


The Downtown Delray Beach Master Plan includes the Beach District, with a Vision that supports:


  • Pedestrian-friendly surroundings enhanced by shops and restaurants within buildings that are located close to the sidewalk, with parking in the rear
  • Wide sidewalks along A-1-A adjacent to the business district
  • Safer crossing for pedestrians with the installation of a median on Atlantic Avenue between Gleason Street and A-1-A
  • Conveniently located parking facilities that can be shared by public and private users