7 Reasons to Visit the GreenMarket Season Opening (and to come back every Saturday)

7 Reasons to Visit the GreenMarket Season Opening (and to come back every Saturday)

20:17 27 October in GreenMarket
  1. Visiting the Delray GreenMarket means you know where your food comes from. When you shop at the GreenMarket you get to meet the people that produce your food. The fruits and veggies and fruit you buy are the freshest and tastiest available locally.


  1. Visiting the Delray GreenMarket can make you a better chef. Fresh ingredients always make any dish taste its best. At the Delray GreenMarket,  not only can buy the freshest ingredients around, you can also talk about how to use the ingredients with the person who grew it or produced it.  All of our vendors are foodies, and are happy to share recipes on how to prepare the foods that they sell.


  1. The Delray GreenMarket has options for everyone! The GreenMarket offers a variety of foods for every diet including vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, sugar free, paleo, grass-fed and finished, pasture-raised, cage-free, free-range, organic and so much more!


  1. The Delray GreenMarket is eco-friendly. The Delray GreenMarket sells local food, which requires less energy to transport. Typical produce in the U.S. can travel up to 1,500 miles, and take eighteen days before it gets to your plate. All this shipping increases every piece of food’s carbon footprint, and contributes to pollution.  Many of the products sold at the GreenMarket also use minimal packaging to reduce the amount of waste produced. For all those who want to be extra green, Human Powered Delray offers a complimentary bike valet every week at the GreenMarket.


  1. The GreenMarket gives you a reason to enjoy the season! Our lovely outdoor market gets you outside to enjoy our beautiful South Florida weather! Also, all of our foods are seasonal. Shopping and cooking from the GreenMarket can help you reconnect with the cycles of nature. To read more on In-Season Eating and Why It Matters, please click here.


  1. Every time you shop at the GreenMarket, you support a local business. Each of our vendors is a local, small business. By shopping small, you are supporting your local community. Every dollar spent goes to local jobs and supports the local economy.


  1. The Delray GreenMarket connects you with the community. The Delray GreenMarket is a community hub, and a great place to bring your family, or meet up with your friends. The GreenMarket makes shopping a pleasure instead of a chore. Every week the market has live music for your entertainment. The GreenMarket also encourages community activities by providing a place for people to meet up. For example: The 5th Annual Delray Witches Ride for Charity is happening at the GreenMarket Season Opening. If you would like to register for this ride, please click here.


These are just a few reasons why the Delray GreenMarket is a fantastic place to spend your Saturday morning! Don’t forget to mark your calendar for our Season Opening this Saturday (October 29th) at 9:00 AM in Old School Square Park. Like us on Facebook and share your favorite reason to visit the GreenMarket every Saturday!